Where to play disc golf in Latvia

Please, call +371 25770000 to get information about disc golf in Latvia!
Here are listed permanent DG courses and places to play.

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Some popular translations:
Grozi = Baskets
Celiņš, celiņi = Hole, Holes
Norādes = Signs (Tee signs, Large map)
Starta laukumiņi = Tee pads
Disku noma = Disc rent
Bez maksas = Free to play
Platība = Area (in hectares)
Atkarībā no sezonas = depends on season
Nezināms ražotājs = unknown manufacturer (home made)
Betons = Concrete
Mākslīgais zālājs = Turf
Jā, Ir = Yes
Nē, Nav = No